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The 12th Fleet - RLB Logo12th Fleet – RLB took advantage of the online presence special run by Black Wolf Editorial. In addition, we opted to have 4 personal bios written and one group bio.

Judy Mohr sent clear instructions in a timely manner, and was able to coordinate online interviews with everyone. Judy was very professional from start to finish, and we received our online presence review and the bios much more quickly than I thought possible. We are VERY happy with the work done by Judy and Black Wolf Editorial. The bios were outstanding! The information provided in the online presence review was really eye-opening. The new point of view gave us some new ideas, and helped us improve on what we had. The price was quite reasonable as well, especially considering how helpful this has been. We recommend them very highly and won’t hesitate to use their services again should the need arise!

(Services: Bio Services and Online Presence Review)

Thanks so much for your flattering feedback! Of course I LOVED to hear that you have such great comments about my writing. But it’s not just the good comments I like. I like your style of critiquing because you have a mix of general points to make but also give detailed examples with your line-edits on how to improve my writing. This means I can learn from my mistakes and then go through the manuscript and apply changes to the rest of my writing accordingly.

I just found your feedback too helpful that I’m telling myself: “I’ll just get Judy’s opinion on that next scene. Oh, and maybe the next, and the one after.”

(Services: Query, Synopsis and Sample Pages Review)

Judy worked on a critique of my Phoenix Grail WIP. The analysis provided a great new optic into my story, and is helping me reorganize the WIP for the better, especially the ending. She provided not only these good insights, but some solid suggestions for editing techniques to guide in discovering the best solution.

 (Services: Manuscript Assessment, Bio Services, Blurb)

Ann Bell Feinstein

I hired Judy L Mohr to provide a developmental edit of my manuscript. She went above and beyond the duty of an editor, providing mentoring while I reworked the manuscript and developed an understanding of the things she pointed out. She made excellent use of technology to review her report with me since we are in different countries. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.

(Services: Manuscript Assessment, Developmental Edit, Bio Services)

The Raven by Aderyn Wood (Cover)Judy helped me immeasurably to improve my novel. Her constructive critical feedback proved invaluable in the process of readying my manuscript for publication. She offered pertinent suggestions on small details, like line edits, and also on the big picture elements of plot, pacing and character development. Judy has an eye for good storytelling.

(Services: Manuscript Assessment)
(The Raven can be purchased through Amazon.)

A full description of the services offered is found here.