Other Services

Other Services
Query and Submission Review

Need honest feedback on your query letter, synopsis and/or sample pages? Assessment of a standard query letter are a flat rate of $30, and can take up to 3 business days. Query letter plus first five pages (1000 words) is $35. Synopsis assessments are $20. For specific submission requirements (i.e. more than five sample pages), please contact me for a quote.

Bio Services
Whether you are a writer, or in another industry needing an on-line presence, then you’ll need a bio that sparkles. Short bios are a flat rate of $30. A quick conversation, via chat or email, is required, then an additional day or two after that. Length of bios is intended for sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, etc. If longer bios are required, please contact us for a quote.

 Additional services are available for Developmental Clients only. Contact me for more details. (A full description of the developmental services offered is found here.)

All prices listed are in USD, however, quotes can be provided in NZD or AUD upon request.

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