Preferred Genres for Editing

While editorial services are offered to all categories, all genres, like all editors, I do have my preferences for the types of stories I like to work with.

Do you write action? Bring it on. Are your scenes filled with the gruesome? I’m loving it even more. Do you write fantasy or science fiction with a thriller slant? Okay, I’m sold.

If you write romance in the vein of Mills and Boon, I might not be the editor for you. Saying that, I do like explicit sex scenes, so if you can weave the romance into that thriller with the geek-speak… You’ve got me — hook, line and sinker.

I adore stories where my heart is racing as your protagonist is running for his life. I’m great with the fast-paced action stories and I adore worlds filled with magic and imagination. If you make me cry as the heroine is forced to say goodbye to the love of her life, I will curse your name, then kiss you for invoking such real emotions.

At the end of the day, I’m all about stories that are so surreal that they have to be true; to believe anything else would be sacrilege.

If you send me science fiction, be prepared to have your scientific principles challenged; I have a PhD in Astronomy — yes, people, you can call me a rocket scientist if you wish.

Genres of preference:

  • Fantasy (all sub-genres)
  • Science Fiction (all sub-genres)
  • Suspense / Thriller
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Mystery / Crime
  • Woman’s Fiction (if the story is lighthearted and/or comical)

If you are looking for an editor for non-fiction, depending on the subject matter, you might have me fascinated and wanting to know more. If the subject is science related or about ancient cultures, my interest is piqued.

If in doubt, send me a short sample of your writing. I’ll be able to tell you quickly if you have captured my interest.