Assessments and Developmental Editing

Assessments and Developmental Editing
Manuscript Assessments

Have an unbiased set of eyes assess your work, examining story, character, and the big picture view; no in-line edits are included. Suitable for complete and unfinished works.

Developmental Editing

An in-depth review of plot, characters, pace, structure and narrative voice. Report gives the big picture view, while examining individual chapters and subplots. Some in-line edits are included.

Line Editing
Examines manuscript at sentence and paragraph level. Manuscripts returned with in-line edits and comments marked throughout. Often commissioned for first chapters.

Prices range from $0.006 – $0.025 per word, depending on type of service required and word count.

Contact me for more information and a quote. (A full description of the services offered is found here.)

Quotes are provided based on USD, but can be provided in NZD or AUD upon request.

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