Tips and Tricks for Scrivener: Video Series

Series 1, Episode 4: Creating Templates from Scratch

Topics Covered:

  • Create a Scrivener project template.
  • Adding multiple books into the same project, but compiling only the one book.
  • Labels for files. (Adding new labels.)
  • Duplicating files.
  • Switching between multi-file and single-file view.
  • Add Front Matters to existing projects.
  • Copy files from other projects.
  • Creating a Templates folder.
  • Saving a Scrivener project template and sharing it with others.

Scrivener Keyboard Commands Learnt:

  • Ctrl + Left Arrow / Cmd + Left Arrow  ⇒ move file out of folder
  • Ctrl + Right Arrow / Cmd + Right Arrow  ⇒ move file into folder

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© Copyright, Judy L Mohr 2016