Tips and Tricks for Scrivener: Video Series

Series 1, Episode 1: New Project and Importing Word

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a new project.
  • Importing a manuscript from MSWord or another word-processor.
  • Split a file into multiple files.
  • Emptying the Trash.
  • Project meta-data settings.
  • Title pages.
  • Compiling a manuscript.
  • Ensuring that text of manuscript is included in compile.

Scrivener Keyboard Commands Learnt:

  • Ctrl + K / Command ⌘ + K  ⇒ Split file at cursor

Scrivener Compile Commands Learnt:

  • <$wc1000> ⇒ word count to the nearest 1000 words

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© Copyright, Judy L Mohr 2016