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Make Goals Public and Real

Every year, some of my writing buddies get all depressed because they had set themselves some goals for last year that they failed to achieve. The Little Miss Optimist in me is forced to come in and reminded them of all the things they have achieve instead. It’s that silver-lining view, but so many forget to use it. Sometimes it’s a knock back to see that massive goal that you had set yourself come crumbling down around your ears. However, that goal was set for a reason. Without it, you wouldn’t spend the time necessary to turn that goal into a reality. And sometimes, you […]

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The Pantser is a Secret Plotter. Don’t you know that?

So many times I hear the argument that you should always plot out your books. My own editor growls at me incessantly when I start talking about some new project and can’t tell her all the details, and I do mean all. Well, tough. The details sometimes elude me for months on end. Traditionally, the plotter will work out all the details for their stories long before they sit down at the keyboard and write: the plot outline, character profiles, the landscape of their worlds, all of it. For some, this works extremely well. It does have the advantage of keeping […]

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The Cry of the Words (Flash Fiction)

This little piece of flash fiction is the perfect description on editing. All writers feel the struggle of the editing beast. It was great to see that struggle put into a written form. The work was published here by permission from Ann Bell Feinstein. The Cry of the Words The words on the page cried out, each demanding to stay. None wanted to be deleted or changed in anyway. That was not what was going to happen. Changes were coming. A deft hand was required to cut only the fluff, the tough stuff had to remain. It was the heart of […]

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But a publisher will have their editor work on my manuscript… Right?

Many writers eventually ask themselves that big question: do I really need an editor? Freelance editors, especially the good ones, are not cheap. I know this because I’m a freelance editor myself, and even my own fees can be considered to be on the scary side. But the question is not whether or not an editor is needed, but rather is the money worth it? One-word answer: yes. Now of course I’m going to say that. I’m an editor myself, but let me shift this into my own experience as a writer.

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Social Media: The Dangers that Writers Never had to Think About Before

In a recent post on my personal blog, I made note of the changes that our world has seen in terms of work philosophies. However, in that post I commented about how social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, has transformed our world into something that no longer resembles the world that I grew up in. Systems such as Skype and Google Hangouts have bridged the gap between continents so that those on opposite sides of the world can do more than just talk to one another over the phone — they can now see each other, have a face-to-face […]

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Struggling with #NaNoWriMo word-counts? Maybe you’re trying too hard.

This post was originally posted on Judy’s personal blog, but was moved here because it is filled with valuable information. Here I go — breaking all the rules that I had set myself for my own personal blog. I had decided earlier this year when I set this thing up that I wasn’t going to post anything that would look like writing advice, but with the number of people that I know struggling to keep their word counts up for NaNoWriMo, I decided that I would break my own rule just this once. As a Municipal Leader for my local […]

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