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Developmental Editors are NOT Copyeditors

When I tell people that I’m an editor, the first response that I typically get is something along the lines of, “You must love spelling.” It’s amazing how many people assume that editing is just looking at the punctuation and grammar, perhaps finding typos. However, this proofreading type of editing is the final stage of the process. Before you get to that point, there are so many other aspects.

I have written about the stages of editing before, describing when you need to seek those external eyes and what type of external eyes you need. However, I still encounter many who are confused about what editing really entails.

In this week’s post, I thought I’d elaborate on the two main categories of professional editors that you’ll likely encounter, and why BOTH are vital to the health (and success) of a story. I’m talking in particular about developmental editors and copyeditors.

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Helpful Tips

Tip of the Day: Don’t be cheap with your book cover.

It may sound like obvious advice, but you will be surprised at how many choose not to listen to it. If you are self-publishing, you need to be prepared to put money into your book cover. The cover will be the first thing that people see. Hence, it needs to be eye-catching, but in a good way. If your book cover looks cheap, people will instantly assume that you didn’t take the time to edit your writing before publishing. However, if you have a professional looking cover, then they might actually stop long enough to look at the blurb. There are many graphic designers out there who produce beautiful covers for a reasonable price. Ask other writers as to who they recommend.

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Backups & Cloud Syncing in Scrivener

It has been a long time in publication, but it’s finally here. The first of the new videos in Tips and Tricks for Scrivener is now available.

In the second series, we’ll delve a little deeper into the capabilities of Scrivener, including how to make templates and backup files.

In the first video, learn about the built-in project backup system, and how you can back up your system settings. Learn about syncing your projects between multiple devices, and how multiple devices can access the same Scratchpad files.

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Helpful Tips

Tip of the Day: New professional editors are good editors too.

A good professional editor is worth every penny that you pay them. They can save you from that embarrassing mistake of sending Jack down the road to “sale” the cow. However, don’t be afraid to work with the new editor that is still getting their feet wet. Editors need experience in particular areas so they can market themselves accordingly. Many new editors will give you a great rate, but they should also be honest and upfront about their experience. If in doubt, ask for a sample edit. If they do charge for this, it should be a nominal fee, often […]

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Hidden Traps - Pre-order Now

Hidden Traps is now available to pre-orders.

The road to publication is a long one, and as my faithful readers will know, there are no shortcuts. Publication requires countless hours of editing, development, and, in many cases, tears. Then you have all the public aspects of the process: social media, websites, conferences, and the list goes on.

It’s incredibly cruel of an industry to leave those new to it to flounder their way through life.

For the past six month, I have been writing, and editing, a book that I feel ALL writers could benefit from, looking at the various hidden traps associated with an online platform. I’m please to announce that the book is now available for pre-orders through a variety of retailers.

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Helpful Tips

Tip of the Day: Writing is like art — filled with subjective opinions.

It’s often difficult to remember that writing is actually just another form of art. There is a reason it’s called creative writing. What one person loves, another will hate. The writers that try to please everyone will drive themselves crazy in the attempt. But this subjectivity goes for the professionals in the industry too. Just because an agent/publisher has turned down your beloved manuscript doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with your manuscript. It just means that they weren’t as passionate about it as you are and hence didn’t feel that they could best represent that story. One should always remember this in any dealings about your manuscript. At the end of the day, there is only one person that you need to make 100% happy with what you have written: yourself. Your name is attached to that story. Make it a story that you’re proud of.

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What is a Platform?

The whole concept of building a following can be overwhelming at times, and there really isn’t much solid advice out there. However, a writer’s platform is not the complicated concept that many turn it into.

A writer’s platform is NOT marketing, promotion, or publicity. It’s not just a website or social media — for that matter, it’s not just your books. A writer’s platform is everything that you do to connect with readers.

It’s your local writers’ group that you attend once a month, or more frequently, as the case may be. It’s those conferences and book festivals that you save your pennies for so you can afford the registration. It’s your participation in special events that have nothing to do with writing and your books.

Yes, a writer’s platform includes your books, website, and social medial, and yes, this online component in today’s market is important, but it’s not everything.

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