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Hidden Private Messages on Facebook

Most users of Facebook are very much aware that the site developers are constantly changing things to improve the end-user experience. However, sometimes the changes mean that things go missing or unseen.

One of the changes means that random users can send you private messages (PM), even those who are not listed on your Friends list, however, you don’t necessarily receive them. How many times has someone said they sent you a PM and you have spent hours digging through your old messages trying to find the elusive message but to no avail? How many of those message requests has Facebook filtered such that you don’t see them?

Well, here’s how you can access your missing Facebook PMs.

To access the back-end of your Facebook Messenger system, you MUST be logged in using a browser window, preferably on a desktop or laptop. (UPDATE: Apparently you can access them from iOS, however, I can’t verify this as I have Android.)

Within the browser, select the Messenger icon from the top menu bar. At the bottom of the list, select the View all in

Accessing Messenger through a browser

To access Facebook Messenger through a browser, selected the Messenger icon, then the See all in Messenger link at the bottom of the list.

This will take you take you to an interface that looks very similar to the Messenger apps available for Android and iOS, however, it has major operational differences.

In the top left-hand corner, you will see a cog icon. This is the settings for Facebook Messenger. From the Settings menu, select Message requests.

Facebook Messenger Settings

Facebook Messenger Settings: Select Message requests from the menu

On the sub-window, select the See filtered requests link.

Message Requests

To access your hidden messages, select the See filtered requests link.

This is where Facebook puts all your message requests that they thought you didn’t want to see. Sorry, guys, but you can’t access the filtered list from the Android or iOS apps. Trust me — I’ve tried multiple times. The Facebook Messenger app will only let you access the components that Facebook has decided on your behalf that you want to see. You can use a browser on a tablet to gain access, however, you need to force your browser to access the Desktop version of the Facebook site. (It’s much easier if you just use your desktop/laptop.)

So, how many messages have you missed because of this hidden feature of Facebook?

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