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Tip of the Day: Try to have at least a premise before you write.

The pantser versus plotter argument has been around for a long time. Should you plot everything out, right down to the nitty-gritty? Or should you write everything from the seat of your pants, just let the muse take over? Or should you use some hybrid approach? There is no one way to write. However, even if you are a true 100% pantser, do try to at least have a premise and a few key plot points worked out before you start writing. You don’t need to go into any fantastic detail, but those points could help you get unstuck when writer’s block sets in.

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  1. When I made my first writing attempt it was a total pants job. I wrote 40k words in less than three weeks. Unfortunately, the plot never seemed to happen. Ever. I love the idea of flying free, but when I try, I seem to break off on fractal tangents.

    I still dream of being able to just furiously splatter out a complete first draft from scratch, though.

    • There is a saying that writing the first draft is really you telling the story to yourself, you exploring your characters and really beginning to understand what it is you’re writing. I find that my first drafts tend to be my form of a plotting phase. Every writer is different. The process for one writer won’t be the same for another.

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