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Tip of the Day: Don’t try to be Super Woman and do it all.

For many, there is this underlying insecurity that forces us to try to do more than we have hours in the day for. People ask us to do things for them, and we can’t resist, we have to help. For a writer, this can cause some serious time issues. Other writers ask us to read through their manuscripts and we happily do. Then we get asked to write guest blogs; we do that too. There’s the workshops that we are desperately wanting to go to, and the contests that we really want to enter. Then we come up with a brilliant story idea and we can’t stop ourselves. And social media is so tempting. (We need to have an active on-line presence, right?) Meanwhile, something begins to suffer, normally our sanity. We can’t do it all. Something has to give. Prioritize. Pick those few items that are precious to you and ensure that you make time for them, even if you have to give up something that you may like doing, or feel an obligation to do. Remember that you’re only human. (You are human, right?)

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