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Tip of the Day: Commission some inspirational art.

Sometimes to get into the heads of our characters, we need to have a visual image that we can keep referring to. Some will peruse the internet for pictures of celebrities, while others start drawing their characters. For those of us who can’t draw anything more complicated than a stick figure and have fantastical worlds in our heads, we need to find another way of sourcing those inspirational character images. Commission an artist. This serves two purposes. It gives you your character image, but it also tells you if you have managed to explain in your writing enough detail for the artist to visualize your character. (It’s incredibly satisfying to discover that you have.)

BTW, you don’t need to pay a fortune for that commissioned art either. Fiverr is fantastic resource of graphic artists, and many of them do offer commercial rights packages too. The black wolf image seen on many of these pages, including the home page, not my logo, was sourced from an artist on Fiverr.

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