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Tip of the Day: Act out the scene you’re writing.

If you are stuck on a scene, act it out. This is particularly useful when developing the dialogue. However, you might want to have the Dictaphone app running on your favorite device.  It’s almost a given that you will say the perfect line, but when you come to write it, you’ll forget exactly how you phrased it.

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      • [Edited]I enjoy writing short stories, because I can let my imagination wander and do whatever I feel like. I have a new goal in mind though- a challenge really. I want to write 150 pages minimum by the 31st of August in French – I am bilingual and there is an on-going competition on amazon that I would like to enter. [Edited] If you have any tips on how to spring from short story writing to novel length texts, I would be very grateful.

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