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Tip of the Day: Military ranks and insignia are not universal.

Military ranks and insignia are not universal. Be sure you research the proper rankings and address for a given country and branch. A US Naval Captain is equivalent to a US Army Colonel.

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  1. It’s easy for people to make mistakes when it comes to military ranks for sure. I spent eight years in the military and still get it twisted every now and then.

    Interestingly, an Army Captain and a Navy Lieutenant are the same rank and wear the same two silver bars on their collar.

    On a completely unrelated note, your “colonial” should be “colonel”. Unless, of course, he is both an officer and under British rule! Why this is pronounced as kernel (like corn), is beyond me.

    Love your blog and will follow, cheers!

    • Proof that even editors when writing things need to have someone look over their work occasionally. Things do slip through. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I’ve made the correction in the original post.

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